Robbins & Curtin has handled a wide variety of personal injury cases, ranging from automobile accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, dangerous premises and ranging as far as a serious balloon accident involving over ten people. The firm takes pride in its work in representing construction workers who have been injured on the job as well. In all of these areas of law, the firm seeks to put its clients back to where they were before the accident. This means monetary compensation. There are no options which allow people to go back in time before their misfortune.

The firm attempts to resolve every case fairly. To accomplish this, Robbins & Curtin prepares every case for trial. Being ready for trial makes it easier to settle cases because the defendants know that the firm is prepared and will be unafraid to go in front of a jury and ask them for justice. Because of this commitment to being “trial-ready,” the firm has substantial success in resolving cases by settlement. If a case goes to trial, it is because the defendants have refused to be fair; that companies or their adjusters have failed to make realistic and fair offers to repay our clients and bring them back to the condition they were in before the defendant caused injury.

In addition to trying to get adequate compensation for our clients, Robbins & Curtin has extensive experience working to reduce the claims of lien holders. If a person has Medicare, Medicaid, AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Costs Containment System), workers compensation, or an ERISA health care plan, those entities will need to be paid back at the end of a case, whether the case is settled or goes to a jury trial. There are equitable means of reducing the amount that these lien holders get, but it requires work that the firm does as part of the standard fee. Additionally, many hospitals try to get money from the injured person even when they’ve already been paid by an insurance company. Again, Robbins & Curtin tries to reduce the amounts claimed under these circumstances.

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