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Robbins & Curtin, PLLC

Phoenix personal injury lawyers who first and foremost practice law to help their clients.

Dedicated team of Phoenix personal injury lawyers

Meet our Team

We are a small team of dedicated personal injury lawyers who have been serving the Valley since 2003. Take a moment to get to a know more about the history of our firm.

Practice Areas

Phoenix personal injury lawyers who have been serving the Valley in matters of personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death and civil rights


With over 30 years experience we have a wealth of insight and useful information. Keep up with the latest events and cases from Robbins & Curtin, PLLC.

Experienced Legal Guidance For Complex Personal Injury Claims In Arizona

Robbins & Curtin Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers

The client comes first

We appreciate the fact that people come to us with difficult problems that require significant work. We enjoy working with our clients to bring their lives back to the position they were in before their incident, with an understanding of the law and the hard work that goes into preparing a case the right way.To that end, we are guided by a philosophy that is threefold— SETTING STANDARDS, PURSUING JUSTICE and REBUILDING LIVES. We came together because of our shared vision for practicing law.

We have expertise in a variety of areas of law in order to pursue justice

the latest from our experienced team of phoenix personal injury lawyers

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