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Audrey Brown

Audrey grew up in Reno, Nevada and moved to Las Vegas when she was 22. She lived in Vegas for 25 years, then ventured up to the Pacific Northwest. In a few short years she learned that while she loves the ocean, mountains, and forests, she is truly a desert girl at heart. In October of 2021, she made the decision to make Phoenix her new home.

Audrey has worked in the legal field since 1998 and earned a Certificate in Paralegal Studies through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2004. Working primarily in medical malpractice defense as a legal assistant/paralegal, Audrey has experience in bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal, and family law. She worked for a prosecuting attorney’s office in Washington State before arriving at Robbins and Curtin.

Audrey is inspired by her two adult daughters. Her oldest daughter is a first-generation college graduate and the first woman to graduate college in her family. Her youngest daughter will graduate with a degree in Political Science from Washington State University in 2023. The focus and determination which Audrey instilled in her children was reflected back to her when her oldest daughter began applying to college…and Audrey decided to follow along. Audrey is currently working on an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a focus on history, psychology, and sociology, and is on track to graduate in 2022. She is proud of the fact that she gets to share in the experience of higher education with her daughters.

In her spare time Audrey enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading and hiking.


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