Arizona law provides that the statutory beneficiaries (spouse, children, and parents) may sue for wrongful death of a family member. The loss of a family member entails both financial and emotional losses. The financial loss to a family can be measured in terms of money–income, earning capacity and services provided to the household that can be replaced can be tallied. The financial loss, however, is but a small portion of the loss of a human life. No matter how much money a family gets, every one of our clients would have gladly returned any money received in order to have their loved one back. A family‚Äôs structure can be torn apart. The emotional support and the relationship is obviously lost, but this loss defies exact measurement.

The firm of Robbins & Curtin spends a great deal of time finding witnesses, photos, videos, and other evidence to show the personality and character of the person who died. Only by exploring the true measure of a person can the loss be fully assessed.

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