Rebuilding Lives

We all have seen and heard advertisements for various law firms touting the dollar values of settlements or judgments they have obtained for their clients. And it is true that, under our system of civil jurisprudence, monetary awards are the primary remedies available to injured parties. However, we believe that the receipt of a settlement or judgment is only the beginning of the rebuilding process, a process we strive to be involved in as much as practical.

Many of our clients have sustained serious and permanent injuries. We assist these clients to maximize the recuperative value of their recovery. We help find services to improve the lives of our clients. We have arranged for drug rehabilitation for clients, retrofitted homes and transportation for physically-impaired clients, and vocational training for those needing new career options.

The Arizona Supreme Court once observed that the underlying objective of our common law system of civil justice was to “[s]triv[e] insofar as possible to make the injured party whole.” Wendelken v. Superior Court In and For Pima County, 137 Ariz. 455, 458, 671 P.2d 896, 899 (1983). Our work for a client is not finished until every reasonable step to make the client as “whole” as possible has been exhausted.

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