Paralegal, Kimberly Gonzalez

A Michigander at heart, Kimberly Gonzalez has also resided in San Diego, California for six years before finding her final resting place in Arizona in 1996. It wasn’t long before she found her second resting place working for Joel Robbins in 1997.

Kim has been working for legal firms in many capacities since 1985 after obtaining a Legal Secretary Certificate from Dorsey Business School in Michigan. Some of her past positions include Receptionist, Word Processor, Calendar Coordinator, Legal Assistant, Bookkeeper, Office Manager and Paralegal. Her experience has been both working for defense and plaintiff firms, large and small. Her defense background is helpful to our firm as she presents a view that is sometimes different from others within the firm who are more plaintiff oriented. Kim works on many of our cases, but generally on the personal injury cases, as this is her passion. She enjoys helping those who have been seriously wronged and seeing justice served.

In addition to working at Robbins & Curtin, Kim is a devoted wife and mother. She has been happily married to her husband Rich for over fifteen years and is the proud mother of three children: Zane, Alex and Emily.

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