A testimonial is a statement that sheds light on someone’s character and qualifications. It may also describe their work and performance as a professional.

Our referrals come from the people that know us: clients, employees, opposing attorneys, other plaintiff’s lawyers, judges, doctors and insurance adjusters have all asked us to represent those who they care about. Here are some testimonials for attorneys Joel Robbins and John Curtin:

* * *

“I have nothing but great things to say about Joel Robbins. I am 42 and when I think about this it is very emotional for me. It is coming from deep inside me.

My whole life changed – it was turned inside out for the good – when I worked with Joel and the law firm.

When I first met Joel he was never a person who I thought wanted a paycheck. It wasn’t just business. It wasn’t just a payday. Joel took me under his wing and told me I was going to be all right. He gave me true, fatherly advice. He was really honest. He helped me understand that if you make good choices and surround yourself with good people, you will turn your life around.

I didn’t understand the legal process, but Joel didn’t get upset with me. He took the time to listen to what I had to say. He came to my home and explained everything to me and my family. Joel really means what he says.

I felt that every one of the people in the office were an extension of Joel. Because of the advice, kindness and love that I received from all of them, I don’t think there’s anything I can’t face.

I know that God put Joel in my life. Joel is an angel. I owe everything to him because he took a chance with me when all of the other lawyers told me to go away. I was mistreated and after so many people turning me away, Joel offered to help. This is a story that I will sit around the fireplace and tell my grand kids.”

Stanley Jones, former client

* * *

“I am a Sister of Mercy (a Roman Catholic Nun), a Nurse and a Legal Nurse Consultant. I have been in health care for over forty years. I graduated from the Royal Victoria School of Nursing in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and later received my Bachelor of Nursing at the University of San Francisco. I have worked in almost every field of nursing, but Pediatrics and Oncology are my specialties.

I have known Joel Robbins for over twenty years. I have seen him become a young man, a lawyer, a husband and a father. I know him to be a man of high moral values, a man of integrity, a man of compassion and caring. He is a man you can trust and that is why I worked for Joel Robbins.”

Sister Madona Marie Bolton, Administrator for St. Josephs Hospital, Phoenix, AZ (formerly worked as a nurse/paralegal for Joel Robbins)

* * *

John Curtin is very knowledgeable in the medical malpractice field as he has been in this field for many years. He knows what he is talking about when he first meets with a potential client of what to expect in this type of case.

Throughout the course of my case he kept me informed of what was happening with the case and his staff was also very helpful in keeping me up to date on what was happening with the case. I liked working with John and his staff as they kept in touch to see how I was doing throughout the course of the case. He and his staff care about the people they represent in this type of case.

If someone needs a good medical malpractice attorney, I would highly recommend John Curtin to them.”

—Barbara Eisner, former client

* * *

“I have never needed to hire a lawyer until I needed to hire a lawyer. I was “dumped” by the first person I had found who was highly recommended. Once there was “Work” involved they dropped my case and left me stranded. Then I found Joel Robbins. He was clear in his communications and made me feel good about the journey he told me we would be taking together.

He laid out what I could expect and the risks and then for the next 6 years he fought my case. I provided him with the info he needed and pretty much he did all of the work. After 6 long years of him playing ping pong with the other side we sat before a judge who suggested we settle out of court. Joel said the call was up to me, if I wanted to go all the way to a trial or settle, and I was thrilled with the settlement. It was just the right amount to make me whole again and give me a fighting chance to regain my losses.

If I knew someone who was in need of a lawyer I would point them in Joel’s direction. He is nice, funny, smart, savvy, knows the law and is a no BS person. I would take his advice. If you have a case and are up against the those who appear to be much more powerful than you, Joel is who you want on your side. After all, like the song says, “ I sued the Sheriff…and I also sued the deputy.” With Joel’s help I took on “ the toughest Sheriff in America “ ( Sheriff Joe )… and won.”

—Nick Tarr, former client

* * *

“My experience with the office of Robbins & Curtin, pllc has been nothing but positive.  From the first time I met Joel and the rest of the staff, my concerns about the complexity of dealing with multiple insurance companies to the nightmare of facing a very large cache of medical bills was put to rest. They have made this forgettable experience unforgettable, where customer service and genuine concern for what’s best for the client is concerned. I would without hesitation recommend their services to anyone in need of help navigating through the process of working through an accident injury case.” 

—Scott Krueger, former client

* * *

“It was during a very difficult time in our lives that we met John. My husband and I did not know what the future would hold, would I be able to ever work again or live a normal life. My illness had also caused great strain in my daily life, doctor’s appointments, multiple exams each week. John Curtin and his team took the time to listen to us, and our concerns in a caring and courteous manor. John took care of everything, from the paperwork, to the gathering of necessary information and documentation. There was no detail overlooked. Through the entire process we felt that we were cared for, as well as being represented by very professional and capable individuals. John was very patient, however he was also very prepared, he knew how to balance our personal concerns with his professional insight.”

—Ryan & Isabel Bohstedt, former clients

* * *

“Going into this, Joel (Robbins) was recommended by another attorney, so we didn’t think we had a strong case. The other attorney didn’t want to take on the responsibility of handling our case. Joel wanted to know more about my son. We felt as if Robby was a person to him, not just a lawsuit.

His main objective was to inform us of what our rights were and he made us comfortable in going forward with the lawsuit. He stood by us at every turn. He gave us his opinion but he let us make the decisions. He took it upon himself to make sure that we were getting the full scope of the situation, not just bits and pieces of it. When the decision was made to settle on the lawsuit, he agreed with us that we were doing the right thing. That made us comfortable in our decision.”

—Mrs. Kay Cotton (son, Robert), former client

* * *

“Whatever the settlement, Mr. [client] can be assured that he had a legal team that worked far beyond the norm for his case.  I’ve had the pleasure of observing this legal team and know well that hearts and souls went into this effort.

Congratulations to you all and thanks for allowing me to have a small part in this worthy effort.

I sincerely hope and pray that Mr. [client] will now be able to get his life back on track.”

— Mr. Ron McAndrew, Prison & Jail Consultant

* * *

Joel (Robbins) is an awesome person to know and work with. While working with him, I formed a trust, friendship and confidence. I truly believe in him and feel strongly that he believes in me.

I trust Joel completely and believe what he tells me. Joel is honest with you; and when working with him I always consider his advice to be good.

Robbins & Curtin, PLLC is the greatest firm to be a part of. They will take good care of you, and never let you feel left out or forgotten. All of the firm members were respectful and courteous. Most of all, they treated me like family. I would recommend Robbins & Curtin to anyone needing a great and honest attorney and a good law firm. “

—Delano Yanes, client

* * *

“A doctor had put titanium in my back even though he knew I had a family history of metal allergy. Because of the doctor’s negligence, I was right back in the hospital 5 days later, fighting for my life.

Before I found John Curtin, I had gone to other lawyers. Some wouldn’t even talk to me or hear my story which was long and involved. The great thing about John Curtin was that he actually sat there and listened to my whole story.

When I had great difficulty getting to my deposition, John made sure that they squeezed me in. And throughout my case, he protected me in ways I didn’t know I’d need protecting. He was capable of playing hardball when I needed him to, yet was also very compassionate and sensitive toward my injuries and my needs. Most importantly, he believed me and he believed in my case.

I feel that when I worked with John Curtin, he had my best interest at heart. It wasn’t about the paycheck or the settlement; helping me was a necessary thing that he was brave enough to do. I loved that.”

—Debbie Myers, former client

* * *

“My daughter was badly injured in a car accident by a government vehicle.  Naturally she was blamed for the entire event and getting specifics from the agency seemed impossible. At least 30 valley attorneys wanted nothing to do with helping investigate and help recuperate losses. (Apparently using their law degrees in a courtroom is a rare event.  I was even told by one if she had died it would be different!!) Fortunately one’s assistant gave me Joel’s name. He made no guarantees but proceeded professionally to investigate.  Always took time to speak with myself or my daughter. My daughter received a settlement, we couldn’t possibly say enough to thank Joel & staff for their help.”

 —Rachelle Y., former client

* * *

“When I worked with Robbins & Curtin Law Firm, I was young and didn’t know much about going to trial. The staff made me comfortable with the process. They were very helpful and nice. When I called with questions, they always took time to talk to me and to keep me and my parents informed about my case.

Even though I was young, I remember that Joel (Robbins) was very passionate about what he does. I liked that about him and that left a lasting impression on me. If anything ever happened to me or my kids in the future, Joel is the first person I’d call.”

—Jeremy Flanders, former client

* * *


I can’t thank you enough.

It’s rare to do business with someone and then feel you’ve made a friend… that’s how I feel.

There are only a few good things that happened to me after that tragic crash, a year ago this month, and I have to say you have been a great blessing to me. It’s rare when someone will follow through… yet I know you also went the extra mile for me. I know you fought for my rights as a professional, yet I also realize you took this on personally, as if it was your own battle. You have a rare, authentic and admirable quality, a blessing from God.

I also want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your staff. “Everyone” treated me like family. I could hug you all!

In the beginning I simply wanted to be heard and to my surprise you not only heard me, you all “listened” with infinite patience, showing me whole hearted compassion and even sharing timing words of wisdom. Thank you all.

You all helped me get through my time of trouble during this past year… more than you know. God bless you and yours. Providence is a beautiful thing.

Love, Peace and Miracles,
—Todd M. Faassé, former client, Brand Development Consultancy, Wise Scribe Publishing Inc.”

* * *

Excerpt from an email to Julie Molera, Paralegal, written by a client:

“Just wanted to thank you again for always being so unbelievably gracious, warm, and kind to me…. At numerous points when I was far from pleasant to be around…. With basically absolutely zero financial or other incentive. You (and essentially everyone that’s part of the Robbins and Curtin team)…. Aka the “dream team”…. have given me something that no amount of money can buy…. A newfound faith in humanity. That there’s still amazing people out there in this world. If there’s anything…. And I mean anything I can ever help you out with…. Please don’t hesitate to ask, and if there’s any possible way I can make it happen, I will!”

* * *

Letter to John Curtin from former client, Gary Carr:


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